The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes To The Funfair

Enjoy the latest adventure of the ADVENTURES OF CHARLIE series. This time Charlie meets up with his old friend Jasper for a fun day out at the funfair.

They enjoy spending time together, exploring all the different attractions that the funfair has to offer.

Jasper certainly has an interesting experience with some of the attractions, that he will never forget. Charlie ends up guiding Jasper around the funfair in order to keep him out of trouble.

A perfect, colorful, book for children to read, both entertaining and offers a lesson at the end of the book that your children will remember. Learn the values and morals of life with every Charlie adventure.

The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes To The Zoo

Enjoy a zoo adventure with Charlie a little dog, who cannot seem to help having an adventure.

Charlie’s day out at the zoo does not go entirely as planned. He initially meets the zookeeper who has tasked Charlie to feed the monkey’s but before long Charlie gets out of his depth when a monkey goes missing and he is to blame.

Finding his way around the zoo, meeting and interacting with all the various, colourful, zoo animals Charlie must find the missing monkey before the zookeeper finds out.

Although things do return to normal, Charlie learns a very important lesson, which will always stay with him.

The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes On A Picnic

Come and join Charlie, the little dog for a picnic in the forest. He has an amazing adventure and meets lots of forest animals. Follow his journey, as he makes his way through the forest trying to rescue his picnic basket and ultimately finding his way out of the forest.

Charlie is able to cooperate with the forest animals to rescue his picnic basket and to show the culprit that stealing is wrong. This little story is both entertaining and perhaps teaches a lesson about right and wrong.

Enjoy the forest adventure and be entertained with the endearing forest animals, who work together to help Charlie.

The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes To The Farm

Charlie is an inquisitive little dog who loves to explore the world and learn from his experiences, throughout his many adventures.

Charlie volunteers to help farmer Tom at his farm and soon learns that he is totally out of his depth. Farmer Tom is a friendly, patient farmer and teaches Charlie how to become a great helping hand.

With a little guidance Charlie begins to understand that it is ok to get things wrong and to learn from mistakes, whilst growing in confidence as he starts to get things right.

Enjoy Charlie’s adventure as he works on the farm and although things don’t go as planned, he never gives in and ends up with an experience to remember.

The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes To The Seaside.

Enjoy meeting Charlie a little dog who loves to get up to adventures. This children's book follows Charlie as he goes to the seaside and even learns a lesson about nature and the environment.

Charlie is full of enthusiasm for the beach and immediately makes new friends. Your child will remember this little story and also perhaps learn the lessons that Charlie has experienced.

It is great to make new friends and also to ask for help when you need it. Immerse yourself and your child in this colourful book and ride the adventure with Charlie.

The Adventures Of Charlie, Charlie Goes To The Fire station.

Charlie is invited to visit the local fire station for a day. He is welcomed at the station by fire chief Frank. Charlie has a tour of the station and even learns how to work the fire hose.

Before long, a siren rings out, and there is an emergency. With a fireman short, Charlie is asked to ride along in the fire engine and to help in any way that he can. Will Charlie be brave enough to help fight the fire and be a valued member of the firefighting team?
As always, Charlie learns a valuable lesson. This time he learns about teamwork and bravery, in order to face an emergency.

Charlie's Bumper Puzzle Book For Kids 4 - 6.

Charlie’s bumper puzzle book is for kids aged 4 to 6. This is the ultimate book for puzzle lovers. It will keep your kids entertained for many hours. The book has a total of ten different puzzle challenges including, word search, mazes, dot to dot, coloring pages, how to draw, find the difference, word scramble plus many more. All solutions are included in the back of the book.

This is the perfect addition to The Adventures Of Charlie Book Series, or as a standalone.

The puzzle book is brilliant for:

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Logical thinking

  • Developing problem-solving skills

  • Help your child relax

  • A great distraction from video games

  • Large 8.5” x 11 inch book. Making it easy to hold and use.

  • Super quality paper and durable cover.

Buy Charlie’s Bumper Puzzle Book today and keep your kids entertained for weeks!

Hugo's Alien Adventure

Through a dramatic encounter with an alien on his way home from school, Hugo learns of a desperate plan to threaten the human race. Water is the vital source from which power is generated in the wide reaches of outer space.

The planet of Rator has become dangerously short of water and the Ratorian leader, Lotor has made a decision to conquer earth, not only would the human race be fatally endangered, but wars would spread between other alien races.

Hugo has tasked himself with stopping the Ratorian empire, he has to use his knowledge and skills in science to work out a plan good enough to stop the invasion. Hugo travels to the moon and other previously unexplored planets in his quest to bring everlasting peace throughout the universe.

Martin The Mouse Gets Lost

Martin left his home in search of a delicious breakfast for his family. Before long he was confronted by a cat, who decided to drop him off in the local town.

Poor Martin could not find his way back home and was totally lost. He did however meet some lovely new friends that all tried to help him. Martin is determined to find his home again and to deliver the lovely breakfast that he promised to his family.

Enjoy the engaging little adventure story and follow Martin as he tries frantically to find his way home. Will a little bit of teamwork be enough to reunite Martin with his family?

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